COVID-19 Dashboard

Check out the JOEVID-19 dashboard here.


I, like many others, felt overwhelmed by the inundation of information surrounding COVID-19. As a result, I had a strong desire to filter out the signal from the noise. The result is a relatively simple React dashboard based on the design of a Frontend Mentor challenge.


My dashboard had three key requirements: a light/dark mode toggle, a day of the week indicator, and an up-to-date panel of COVID-19 related data. The light/dark toggle was easy to implement, as I had done something similar in a previous challenge from Frontend Mentor.

While the day of the week indicator may seem silly, working-from-home and practicing social distancing have eroded the distinction between days for many of us. As a bonus, I added a small component that notifies the visitor whether it’s time for a coffee or time for a beer. (Coffee before 5pm, beer after)

Finding an up-to-date data source was incredibly easy, thanks to the team over at Updated daily, their data comes from, “state/district/territory public health authorities—or, occasionally, from trusted news reporting, official press conferences, or (very occasionally) tweets or Facebook updates from state public health authorities or governors.”


The biggest and most frustrating challenge I encountered while creating this dashboard was consistently styling the <select> element across all browsers. Firefox, Chrome, and Safari each applied their own styles to the select (dropdown) element and I could not figure out how to solve the problem.

<select> element, Safari styling applied
<select> element, Chrome styling applied
<select> element, Firefox styling applied

After consulting with my web developer friends (Hi, Ted 👋🏼), I eventually found my way to an article by Ben Nadel. The key was setting -webkit-appearance to none. This small change overrode each browsers’ default <select> element styling with my own.

select {
  -webkit-appearance: none;
My own <select> element styling

I’m extremely happy with how everything turned out and I hope you find my dashboard project helpful. If you have any questions about this project, please hit me up through email or social media.