Fact Check Tools API

Hydroxychloroquine. 5G towers. Disinfectant injections.

There’s a lot of misinformation bouncing around social media, traditional media outlets, and old-fashioned social circles. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but we should all try a little bit harder to filter and fact check the information we consume.

Enter Hogwash.

Hogwash is another Frontend Mentor inspired React JS project. Once again, I took the completed design of an earlier project and retrofitted with my own functionality. During my brainstorming period, I came across Google’s Fact Check Tools. You may have already seen it in action on Google’s search results page.

Fact check API in action

Google’s documentation made it easy to get up and running with very few hiccups. The only issue I came across was the inability to render an image along with the text results. I remember seeing an example result that included an imageUrl, or something to that effect, but I wasn’t able to get that to work in my code.

Aside from learning how to use the Fact Check API, I was motivated to get a better understanding of the well documented and popular react-spring animation library. React-spring’s useTrail hook made it incredibly easy to stagger the entrance animation of each search result – in this case, a card-like component. I’m excited to see how I can implement react-spring in future projects for my clients.